Monday, April 2, 2012

I Need to Go Home and Write About This

When someone mocks me there is so much love behind it that most of the time it has the impact of a droplet of water during a rain. Appropriate. In the middle of a night out drinking and socializing with some of the longest tenured friends I've got one of them blurted out 'I need to go home and write about this.' It was a light dig. Minimal impact. Not that creative. Secretly he probably regretted it because he likes reading words. So why would that bother me? It wouldn't, moving on.
If you don't like trannies than you are a bigot. Times are changing. Get with it or get left behind.
Turned on sportscenter. Kentucky will be playing Kansas for the national title. 'You know, John Calipari started his coaching career at Kansas.' When you're reaching like that for a storyline the big picture probably isn't that interesting.
But you know what? This is the best damn champagne I ever had in my life.

Maybach bumper sticker read what would hova do.
Peanut Butter Honey

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