Monday, February 2, 2015

How Everything Works, Don't Pay Attention

There are moments when everyone and everything seems so overwhelmingly stupid that I want to puke and shit all my organs out and die on the spot. It starts with me feeling dumb. Then I start to wonder what else I think makes sense that may also be dumb. Then I notice how dumb people are. Soon I am ready to clothesline anyone who looks wrong.
Dumb fuck stoners rooted for the Seahawks because Marshawn Lynch has dreadlocks and an attitude. That’s their hero. Even though it takes being in a league where he is not allowed to smoke weed to get a platform like that and become a anti-hero for a bunch of insecure wannabe someone they're not flesh statues. A league that suspends people for smoking pot even when they are great at their job. Even in states where it is illegal. And the dreadlocks are a disadvantage: they make helmets fit improperly leading to increased head injuries and also can be grabbed in a tackle or block.
Pete Carroll sucks. The Seahawks are a bunch of good football players who like to boast. Whatever. Football is a game. In the end you don’t run with Marshawn Lynch on second down because the manual says in that situation you go to a pass play to stop the clock and take time to plan out the last 20 seconds. Russell Wilson is good because he doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t take risks. He avoid problems and turns them into opportunities. This time someone jumped his route and a wide open dream turned into a shattered reality. Shit happens. It’s football. You make a game plan and you follow it. Marshawn Lynch is not really cool. He’s a reaction to a system. Something that is bound to exist alongside everything else. He is no cooler than Tom Brady or Vince Wilfolk. If he had gotten the ball on 2nd down and fumbled then what? Should it have been a pass? Does Marshawn suck? That’s why you don’t create false gods. Why you don’t get your ideas of people mixed up with the fact that there is an actual person in there who you probably care enough about to not want to destroy. If you build a legend in your head or even let yourself believe in one other people have created then there is a good chance you will lose your chance at peaceful enjoyment of life unfolding. That’s probably not important to you. Or at least you can tell yourself right away that it is silly or that there are other things that supersede that fundamental idea. Or maybe you think you already do that and don't need to be told again.
That’s why saying anything is so dumb. The only people who care are probably pretending. Even if they don’t know it yet. Mistakes happen. Even with good plans and good pieces. A turn is a risk that could get you the same place you started. Sometimes even worse. It’s not just the route or the turns or the changes of plans. It’s staying present on the way. When something good or sad or intense happens there is always a moment to take to yourself and think about what is most important. Then make your next move, your reaction, based around that. Instead of just reacting. That’s what a heart and a brain are for. So we can get to the moment, process it and move forward in the best way. Over and over again. And like it. Or pretend to.

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